About Us

While in the military, Lynn was always an avid griller. At least 2 to 3 times a week, something different was always on his grill. Each time, he was always experimenting with different twists on his family's old Alabama BBQ sauce recipe. He finally got it right! Whenever his friends and family came over, they always loved it and always wanted more. So of course, he would always make some for them to take home.

After retiring from the military, and falling in love with and marrying a Georgia girl. Lynn brought his sauces to the small town of Norwood, Georgia where he was inspired to expand his barbecue sauce family and felt it was time to turn it into something bigger. So, he decided to go for it by creating a business and making it for the masses to enjoy as well! That was when Boot Scoot, LLC was born.

Each sauce is produced in small batches, using only the freshest ingredients to ensure you get the best quality and flavor each and every time! We hope you love it as much as we love making it, and hopefully we can "bring a little taste of Georgia to your neck of the woods!"